The Mind

Since my first undergraduate psychology course, I have been non-clinically obsessed with how people think.

My first startup was a psychometric application created for patients undergoing CBT and DBT, called Happy | Not Happy, aimed to function as a jumping off board for therapy discussions. Our company was chosen from hundreds to compete as a finalist in a startup competition in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Subsequently, I began identifying patterns and heuristics commonly employed in creative problem solving. It went from creating the (long-defunct) FourCoconuts, which proffered the ability for people to solve a fun creative problem every day, to Executive Creativity, a creativity assessment for executives which highlights strengths and reveals cognitive biases.

I am currently fascinated with attempting to quantify non-complete information decision-making capabilities for people in leadership positions. Additionally, I am trying to figure out how to qualify efficiency in interpersonal working relationships, and its effect on the mental resources of each member.