The World

I consider myself a “conscious capitalist”.

When talking about the world, this concept refers to two distinct fields: the high level, as in the physical planet, and the low level, as in the concept of “tikkun olam”, or social responsibility.

Since late 2012, I have been involved with Windfire, a pan-European distributed energy company specializing in wind technologies. Functioning as their Director of Creative Innovation for the greater part of it, I have engaged in projects in both the marketing and product departments, as well as identifying new partners around the world.

I have spent the past year working, as a partner and Director of Innovation, in Wise Water LLC to help devise ways for Californians save millions of gallons of water during the current drought. Since its inception, Wise Water has helped save over 100 million gallons of water.

In both companies, we focused on the built-in economic incentives and strengthening the concept of community, as much as the environmental benefits to assist companies and consumers in making intelligent decisions.